How To Flirt Without Being A Creep

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when you flirt like this she's gonna

think you're a creep never ever tell a

girl how attractive she is when you're

flirting with her that should be

conveyed by the way that you're saying

things how you're looking at her you're

being too direct where it's very obvious

that you're attracted to her it's not

flirting because it's not fun it has to

be a game you have to make it fun for

her where she's like oh is this guy

flirting with me does he like me instead

if you're like hey beautiful hey you're

so cute you're so beautiful she's not

gonna be interested it's not gonna be

flirting it may be harassment she may

think this guy's a creep if you're

having girls give you a negative

response it might be because you're

coming on too strong and it's not

mysterious at all it's a flirt you got

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