Best Compliments / Flirty Lines & Clever Replies to Compliments in Japanese

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funny Japanese I will not miss on this

hey guys today I'm going to teach you

how to compliment people and how to

respond to the compliments in Japanese

and also I'm going to teach you funny

ways to respond to those compliments so

first when you want to say amazing wow

you can say

Sugoi Sugoi and a lot of you probably

have heard this but this is always good

to remember so good I think wow so when

someone does something amazing

impressive just say so good that's how I

say wow I'm so amazed and you can also

use ps-aguié like an other verb it's

actually correct to change ps-aguié into

sugoku to put it in front of an

adjective so technically you have to say

so Goku and Alan logic they've like so

kawaii then that means it's so cute

but informally a lot of people say so

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