5 Compliments That Make Women Melt

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Tripp Kramer here from Today I'm gonna give you

5 amazing compliments to give a girl.

We're gonna get right into these.

Not gonna waste any time. I'm gonna

tell you what they are. But I want you to

stick around to the end? Why? Because you

have to understand the context in which

to use compliments. Guys really get

compliments all wrong so we got to set

that straight. Before we get into that,

let's talk about what these 5 are.

Anything along the lines of "you look

gorgeous", "you look beautiful", "you look

stunning", "you look adorable". Anything like that.

It's a great compliment to use when

you're talking to a girl. With this

specific compliment you got to be

careful here. You got to be careful

because if you use the same one all the

time; let's say you're dating a girl for

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