3 Tips for Customer Service Professionals #1: How To Use Power Phrases in Professional Greetings

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hi everybody it's dan oconnor and today

i'm going to give you three things that

you can do to instantly be seen as more

professional than the gun no training

com alright thing number one establish a

company greeting maybe it's a

departmental greeting but just like when

you go to McDonald's one of the most

successful companies in the whole world

just as they can't greet us however they

want and they can't say goodbye however

they want they can't close an order

however they want we should not be

missing that crucial step when we meet

customers they are going to instantly

form their opinion as to whether or not

we're going to be capable of solving

problems when they inevitably occur you

know no matter what your business is

there will be challenges and if before

the challenges arise we can establish

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