iPad Pro: How to Uninstall, Remove, Delete Apps Permanently

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hey what is going on guys so you have a

Apple iPad pro I'm going to show you how

to uninstall or basically delete or

remove an app ok and I'll show you the

easy way is very very simple so simply

go to the app that you want to delete

for example I have this GarageBand here

that I absolutely do not want press and

hold this keep holding it and now all

the sudden you'll see these little X's

here okay now what I got to do is go

ahead and tap on the X to uninstall it

or get rid of it if you want to exit out

of this screen simply top right hand

side it says done right here okay so if

I tap on that all the little X's go away

so again let's go ahead and uninstall

this garage bands I'm going to press and

hold just wait until little X's pop up

you can see they're all like moving

around a little bit so I'm going to go

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