Windows 10: How to Uninstall Programs Permanently! 『Uninstall Software』

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do you want to install or delete

programs in Windows 10 operating system

in our daily uses we installed many

software and programs in our computer

some of us we don't know how to

uninstall those software and programs in

today's video I'm going to show you the

easy and cool way to uninstall or delete

the programs permanently in Windows 10

operating system so before I do let's

get started

well so first go to the start menu

and open settings from here from this

window just click on apps and under the

apps and features you will get all the

applications that you have installed on

your computer as you can see over here

so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna select a

specific application that I want to

install for example this one I just

really want to uninstall so just click

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