How to uninstall SQL Server completely on Windows 10?

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hi in this video today I will show you

how to add mr. or remove nor sequel

server completely in without ten okay so

now I started and Here I am using your

mono subsequent server or this PC and I

go to the control panel go to a list or

appropriate program and spoon down to

Pfizer of Microsoft sequence purple and

the current wizard here are building e

2019 and city for me and I have also

removed or Microsoft sequel server

management studio tool okay as funny I

will remove there are sequel server 2019

artist busy ok neck and silicon

remove yeah so now weddings are remove

under saurians done

okay that Landrum removed there are my

score subsequent several 3019 in here

next we'll remove the sequence

maintenance TV O'Toole and Easter

okay completed yeah so here you should

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