How to UNINSTALL DELETE REMOVE JAVA JDK on Windows 10 | Step by step

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hello hello how are you guys today in

this video I'm gonna show you how to

delete remove or uninstall Java JDK from

a Windows 10 machine completely so first

go to CMD command prompt enter and let

me check my Java version Java type Java

space - version as you can see Java my

Java version code installed is twelve

point zero two and it is installed in

2009 s0 715 so shortly I have the Java

installed in my Windows 10 machine in

order to uninstall these windows from

windows 10 go to control panel type

control panel in a search bar and select

click on the option and then under

programs you will see on install a

program option click on that as you can

see here I have the all the programs

installed on my Windows 10 machine so

from here you have to find Java TM LC

Development kin 12.0 64-bit so please

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