How To Remove Old Device Drivers From Windows 10

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hello everyone how are you doing this is

mdtech here another quick tutorial today

I'm going to be showing you how to

remove old device drivers in Windows 10

then maybe bugging down in your computer

and just if you wanted to clear up some

drivers are not using or something that

just might be messing up or conflicting

with another driver on this tutorial

will be for you guys and we're going to

start by heading over to the start

button and we're going to right-click on

it and then left-click on command prompt

admin if you receive a user account

control window select yes so now we want

to enter our root directory which is our

C Drive so we're going to just type in

CD space and then you want to do a

forward slash now we are in our root

directory same now we want to type in

set space and put you in mind I'm going

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