Very Easy Way To Empty A Motorcycle Gas Tank

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how's it going guys Tim see I've got

Miller welcome back to another moto

video I feel like such a ridiculous

idiot right now because if you can look

right now I have a GoPro hope connected

to my head without my helmet which is

right there

so if it's like the cameras above here

so I'm sorry if like the cameras like in

different angles where I'm trying not to

have it because that's the reason why

but today I'm going to teach you how to

drain your motorcycle gas tank with from

the gasoline and it is super simple and

everybody should know how to do it so

obviously the first things you're gonna

a couple need is like three four things

while one you need a boat a cycle with

fuel in the tank you don't need a

microfiber towel gas can and a tube any

kind of tube plastic this one is just a

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