How to delete your Mac Hard Drive and delete Mac Partitions 2021

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hi guys one question I get asked often

is how to arrays a harddrive on Mac or

how to delete the partitions on a Mac

harddrive so I've decided I'm gonna make

a little video about this to show you

guys how to arrays partitions how to

format your hard drive in 2019 on OS

Mohave the latest operating system so

behind me here I have got a Mac Pro and

I'm gonna delete some partitions and I'm

gonna raise a harddrive on it so let's

begin so on my Mac Pro here I'm just

going to go and show you about my Mac as

exists is the overview of it but what

you have up here is a storage tab and if

I select the storage tab it shows you

free hard drives and it shows you loads

of our partitions that are actually on

my Mac as well so as you can see here

I've got a solid-state drive and I have

got two free terabyte hard drives now

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