Excel VBA - Write a Simple Macro

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in this video we'll see how to write a

very simple and basic macro if you're

not a developer if you're looking this

vba code for the first time how to write

it let us see that now I am in the same

Excel VBA workbook and I'm in the sheet

I've created be underscored write a

macro so it's a blank sheet which is

created now now if you want to write a

macro what are the steps very first

thing is you have to open the VBA editor

Visual Basic for application editor so

I'll just go to this Developer tab and

if you see there's a Visual Basic given

here I'll click on this Visual Basic

this macro if you see this is a window

for VBA editor in previous video we have

recorded with macaron this was the macro

which you have recorded now that has

been rented in this model part if you

double click on this place this is the

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