How to Remove Negative Thoughts? Sadhguru Jagadish Vasudev Answers

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Sadhguru: There are no subtractions and  divisions in our mind, there is only addition  

and multiplication. ‘I will just remove negative  thoughts and I will have positive thoughts,’  

all the best, it's not going to work. It's just  that you need to pay little attention as to how  

it functions. You will see there is a distinction  between what is you and what you have gathered.

Well, see the way the question is asked and also  the way normally it's addressed is, people think  

there is something called as negative thought and  positive thought. They want to remove the negative  

thoughts and have only positive thoughts. For  such people, I would ask them to just experiment  

for ten, fifteen seconds. Let them forcefully  remove one thought from their mind. For example,  

next ten seconds, just don't think of  a monkey. Try not to think of a monkey  

for next ten seconds – you will see, you will  be full of monkeys. So, what I am saying is,  

this is the nature of your mind, because  in this mind, all the three pedals are  

throttle – there is no brake, there is no clutch  – whatever you touch, it will only go faster.

In this kind of mind, people have been taught  from moral teachers and religious teachers,  

“Do not think about bad things.” Well,  since then, it's been a full-time job.  

So, there is no way you can handle the mind like  this, this doesn't need any great enlightenment.  

If you spend two minutes with your eyes  closed, you will realize, you cannot do  

anything forcefully with this mind. So, ‘I want to  remove negative thoughts,’ do not ever go in this  

direction, because what you want to remove will  become your quality, always you will be on it.  

“So, what should I do?” The thing is this –  without understanding the fundamental mechanism of  

this mind, because our mind, human mind is the  most sophet… sophisticated computer on the planet.  

Even all the supercomputers have come out of this.  

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