Drink THIS to Cleanse Your Liver Overnight (POWERFUL)

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hey guys vina i'm excited today to bring

to you a liver detox tonic that i've

been doing with my one-on-one clients

for a few years now that you can drink

before you go to bed and it only has

three ingredients so it's pretty simple

to make and those ingredients are not

hard to source neither nor expensive if

you are dealing with an overburdened

liver if you have a lot of toxicity in

the liver if you have fatty liver high

cholesterol or and you have gut issues

in general and need to bring more

motility into your system because for

example you have constipation this video

has three parts first why this liver

tonic is so effective and why it's

important to drink it before you go to

bed second what are the three magic

ingredients and how do they work what do

they do for you and third of course i'm

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