How to Cleanse Your Home With Sage & Palo Santo

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hey everyone welcome to today's video my

co-host Bentley is actually right behind

me looking outside the window if you

guys are new to my channel welcome today

I'm actually gonna be cleansing my house

a little bit so I thought why not show

you guys how I cleanse my house using

sage and Palo Santo I actually bought

this new kit from Etsy which I'm going

to show you guys in a second but this is

actually what I used before so I use

like a little iron skillet this actually

used to be a candle but it is excellent

for leaving burning sage on here - just

keep burning and it'll burn out by

itself this is what I used to use to

kind of just catch the ashes as I was

smudging my house so this is the kit

that I got from Etsy it comes with

organic white sage and abalone shell

which look at how beautiful this shell

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