How to Cleanse Intestine Naturally at Home with these Asanas | Detox Digestive System| Home Remedies

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do you know that many of our diseases or

symptoms like acne cancer ulcer liver

problem kidney problems are somewhere

related to the impurities present in

your digestive system yes our digestive

system has a very important role to play

in normal functioning of our body and so

it becomes necessary to detox the

digestive system at the regular interval

we are not aware but our intestines may

have food particles which are as old as

one year which may hinder the system it

is vital to remove out of our system do

not worry i have very unique solution to

offer it is called shankar prachala it

is most ancient practice in hatha yoga

which detoxifies your body and makes

absolutely clean just like in diwali we

really clean our house similarly shankar

prak salan deep cleanse our digestive

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