How to Detoxify Your System

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hi I'm dr. David Hill and today we're

going to talk about how to detoxify your

system now if you know exactly what it

means to detoxify your system you

understand something that I don't think

any doctor on earth understands what you

see when you see that particular phrase

is usually marketing for a whole variety

of over-the-counter dietary supplements

or other products that promise to

improve your health and make you feel

better some of them are designed to make

you go to the bathroom a whole lot

either p a whole bunch or have a whole

lot of bowel movements with the claim

that they're going to get toxins out of

your body that are building up and

making you feel bad so it's worth

thinking for a moment about what toxins

do build up and your body and how our

body does get rid of them and what the

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