How To Repair Liver Damage After Alcohol? – Dr.Berg on Liver Cirrhosis

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hi guys in this video I'm going to talk

about the best remedy to repair liver

damage after alcohol but not just

alcohol drugs medication prescription

acetaminophen which is tylenol aspirin

which all damaged liver in the

gallbladder and it creates cirrhosis a

fatty liver inflammation and just make

the liver toxic okay the best herb to do

that would be milk thistle let me

explain why this herb is one of the most

thoroughly studied scientifically proven

powerful natural remedies to reverse

damage to your liver cells okay and the

gall bladder which is amazing so it's

been around for a long time I'll put

some links down below but it can do a

lot of things it reduces inflammation

it's good for other things like the

kidney but mainly what it can do it can

reverse damage to your liver the active

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