Epsom Salt - My Instant Relief from Colon Discomfort!

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hi everyone today I'm doing a quick

video on something that somebody

recommended to me and it's called Epsom

salt there is BJ bag in it um it

literally looks like big grains of salt

and you can either use it as a laxative

or you can use it in a bath and I

believe you can also use it in your

garden but since this is an IBD Channel

and that can go into that but I use it

for both the laxative and in the bath

and I'm going to show you how to do both

or at least I'm going to tell you how to

do the laxative one for the bath all you

need to do is put two cups of the salt

into a regular bathtub and soak in there

for like 20 minutes you will feel really

great like I like to do it after

exercising um I don't know it makes you

feel very relaxed and supposedly it's

supposed to get rid of the toxins in

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