How to cleanse & balance the Chakras in a Crystal Healing Session | Chakra cleansing with Crystals

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hi there

today I'm going to walk you through how

to cleanse the chakras using crystal

ones and crystals so I've got two clear

quartz ones here these are my favorite

healing ones this ones are double

terminated manually shaped wand and then

this one is a natural Lemurian quartz

wand so there's a little bit of

technique when we're cleansing the

chakras and I highly recommend if you

haven't already watching my tutorial on

how energy flows in the body because

that's going to give you a really good

foundation or knowledge as to why I do

and use the techniques that I'm going to

show you today so I'll try and remember

to put a link to that tutorial in the

comments that if I forget then be sure

to check it out because it will really

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