Birth Control Advice : How to Regulate Your Body After Birth Control

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hi I'm Kristina Keneally I'm a nurse

midwife with Planned Parenthood and I'd

like to talk about regulating your body

off after stopping the birth control

pill if you recently stopped the birth

control pill you may be noticing a

change in your bleeding from nice and

predictable to strange and confusing

what can you do to help your body

regulate itself well the good news is

that this year regular bleeding is not a

sign of problems caused by the birth

control pill the effect of the birth

control pill is out of your body

about one week after you stop it any

bleeding after that point is related to

your body's own ability to complete the

normal ovulation and menstruation cycle

some women's bodies go right back to

their normal menstrual cycle the first

month off birth control pills and some

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