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Hi everyone! It's Rachel. Welcome back to my channel for today's video

I'm really really excited because finally I'm going to share with you


how i got rid of my acne and if you have acne right now, i feel you guys i've been there.

everyone has acne it's totally normal so this is how my skin looks like right now it's still

not perfect but i'm really really happy with how it looks like it has greatly improved

in the past month because of the things that i've been doing and the products that i've

been using so in this video i will be sharing with you guys my morning and evening skincare

routine and also some progress pictures and also videos the products worked for me and

didn't work for me

just a background story,

I listed it here. And I even made a script just I will not forget every detail and info.

the first timeline would be when I was still in Highschool

I have acne but it is not totally severe

I have some on my forehead & cheeks

but then came my college years, my acne got worse and also

my acne marks because i have this habit guys

whenever i see a pimple i would pop it, prick and touch it and i know it's really not advisable.

you should never touch or pop your pimple

but I can't stop myself from doing it.

on my internship years, that is when my acne got worse and i would show some pictures guys

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