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hello everyone i am andrew

and in this thing of poker video

tutorial i will explain to you how to

get zynga poker free chips on android

and also on ios devices you will not

need to download any application on your


you just need to follow the steps that

will be presented in this video

first let me show you some settings that

we need to set

tap on settings and go to battery

you have to make sure the low power mode

is turned off if it's green like this

tap on it to turn it off now we need to

go back to settings

and then tap on general

next tap on background app refresh and

make sure it's set to either wi-fi

or wi-fi and cellular data

let me open the app and show you the

amount of zynga poker chips that i have

as you are able to see i have 132

million zynga poker chips on my account

i have been playing on this account for

quite some times now

let me show you my username which the

website will be using later to add the

freezing of poker chips

this is completely free guys don't miss