Cheating on Zwift | How effective is Weight Doping?

wait oh my god if I had a pound for

every time somebody mentioned the word

weight when referring to his waves and

in particularly wide open I'll be rich

in fact I'd be a major shareholder in

Swift right now I would have drops

coming out of every single orifice so in

light of Shane Miller's video if you've

not seen it I'll leave a link in the

description below to a recent scandal

video that he dropped in listen straight

off the bat our thing there's no scandal

I don't even think he is I think I'm

just saying scandal I don't think

there's a scandal

we'll get into this later but I know for

a fact that that I'll get into a layer

but what I wanted to look into was wide

open and its effectiveness and how

effective weight doping really was his

weight doping as effective as the new

high dope in his high doping the new way

doping or is there a clean and integrity

saving way of actually improving your

performance on Swift without cheating so

a guinea pig is goose Bauman a friend of

cycling I hope I pronounce his name

right goose Bauman boomin boomin goose

boomin he's a friend of cycling hope and

we're taking his data and his stats from

the forward kom to to get a baseline in

the first instance then all we're gonna

do is change that weight we're gonna

manipulate his way so you can see here

he's currently 71 kilos

he's a 470 what's averaging up here and

he's 191 centimeters everything's gonna

say the same apart from that weight he's

averaging 472 what as I mentioned and

he's an RPM of 100 so he's got 400

meters to go on this climb for those of

you who don't know about the forward

Kalyan Ford km is 900 meters in length

and it's an average gradient of 5% it

Peaks out around 12% and I think the the

minimum percent is well it's I think

it's actually negative I think it goes

negative at some point I could be wrong

I don't know so we're coming up for 200

meters to go here we've got an estimated

time of arrival

one minute I'm 48 and this is gonna

smash his current 30-day personal record

there's a finish in sight there so once

he's got to the top we're gonna send him

back down and then we're gonna affect

that way and see how he gets on when

that weight is changed one minute 48.5

remember that one minute 48.5 in lesson

in fact let's have a graphic here one

minute forty eight point five

there he goes all the way back down no

it's in he's on the trombone I mind to

layer so we're now currently at 70 kilos

everything else stays the same rpm stays

the same

a hundred watts of stay the same at four

hundred seventy two and so does his

height so we've got an ETA here of one

minute forty four so clearly already a

bit faster one minute forty eight point

five was the was the previous best we've

sped this one up so you know to sit here

watching me three hundred to go just

chatting about this this video so eta

one minute forty seven hundred meters to

go so it looks like it's gonna be

quicker but it's gonna be tenths of a

second as opposed to actual seconds so

one minute forty eight point five one

minute forty seven point five so a

second in effect a second faster so now

when we go to 69 kilos are we going to

see another second faster than 70 kilos

and are we go is that the increment that

we're gonna see we're gonna see second

gaps between each kilo is a kilo worth a

second of this climb or is it gonna be

slightly different who knows but one

thing's for sure is its advantageous to

wait Oh even a kilo this is not a how-to

video by the way this is it's not a


wait open go do it we're saying this is

this is this is the potential

difference in in weight changing not

weight doping not everyone's always

weight doping but in changing of weights

this is how effective and efficient it

can be so 67 kilos is gonna come over

the line first so he's at one minute

forty five one minute forty five point

six one minute forty six point seven so

yeah there or there abouts a second

between each obviously the line that the

rider takes around the the corner and

the the whole whole of the king of the

mountain is going to be slightly

different and the next experiment we've

got is the the John mold experience so

the top of the screen we have now got a

John mold replica seventy six kilos

versus seventy three kilos 183

centimetres which is his height

maintaining three hundred watts around

the figure of eight course we're gonna

see how these two riders get on and see

what difference that three kilos would

have made we've also got at the bottom

of the screen seventy six kilo one

hundred and seventy seven centimetres so

we've taken we've taken six centimeters

off of the rider just to compare a

height dope with a weight dope so so in

effect we're trying to see which one is

is more beneficial if one is more

beneficial bomb right we've got a bit of

a baseline we'll call it seventy six

kilo rider 183 centimeters three hundred

watts what he is on the swift carbon

with fifty fifty millimeter carbon

wheels others with carbon frame with 50

millimeter deep section wheel so let's

see how these riders get on around the

figure of eight so far the same let's

speed up a little bit so we should all

know this cause by now pretty well Ocean

Boulevard dusty roads see round the

switch bikes up the reverse km it's when

it's this fast it's hard to actually see

what the hell is going on but they all

look relatively similar I can see

I can see the the guy at the bottom on

the rubbish bike easy struggling just a

little bit he's really struggling

so we're 27 minutes into it now 28

minutes we're going down Ocean Boulevard

we're gonna hang a left here at the end

we're going up the forward k1 now so

again have no idea how fast those bikes

went of the forward kom we're going

through the Italian village now we go in

through the yeses and we're eventually

got to come out onto the sea front or

the beach front and let's have a look

let's see who's winning this race here

so top left hand corner just gone under

the underpass it looks like 73 kilos and

77 centimetres are there or thereabout

so what we're saying is you can either

take well we're not saying because we

don't want to encourage this but by the

looks of it if you take three kilos off

your weight you can in effect take seven

six six centimeters off your height oh

there's a little bit of difference in it

but but not much so the first John mold

finishes in a time of 44 minutes and 43

seconds the next one over the line is

going to be the slightly shorter one at

177 centimetres 44 minutes and 47

seconds so right here is a thing you

could have the cleanest way you could

not change you could not fluctuate your

way at all but all of a sudden you could

come to seven centimetres smaller and

how do we not expose that which I think

we're we should be thankful

you could lower your high and no one

won't be any otherwise you don't know

how tall I am you can guess but you

don't know how tall I am anyway under

183 centimeters 76 kilogram John mold

finishes in a time of 45 minutes and 9

10 seconds 45 minutes and 10 seconds ish

but look at this this rider here on this

with carbon he's only just coming down

the beachfront now he still got a long

way to go

so equipment does matter it there is a

huge disparity in equipment and that's


I respect that I like that about with

the fact that there is that from one

extreme to the other guys obviously once

you get up towards the upper echelons of

the good bikes you're gonna see less and

less difference but I'm sure some other

rider I'm sure some of the KISS

Superliga to ride this bike and I

thought they didn't even know so as you

can see there is a huge disparity in the

in the best bike and the worst by cons

with so these riders could be could be

making time up again by staying clean

keeping that integrity keeping that

legitimacy or by picking the best bikes

and the best the best equipment so high

doping and wide open both still

prevalent at the minute in Swift and

both very very advantageous there are

differences and advantages to be had by

changing your equipment and we've seen

that in the in the wheels video that

there can be a bigger advantage to be

had one thing I was thinking about when

I when I watched Shane's video was he

mentioned that the races are a 1 I think

one was won by 0.01 three of a second

something like that last week you could

argue that by using a narrow power up is

cheating then really because I think in

the kiss Super League we should get rid

of power-ups

I know it's keep it simple stupid but

let's keep it simple

let's get rid of power-ups altogether

let's go mano-a-mano

it's the it's the best man against the

best man alright

and the ladies as well when they raced

their bear event let's not bring any

more variables into it than unnecessary

I know it's gamification and all that

jazz but for the for the kiss Super

League if we wins in that a rider's put

three kilos on which is legitimate how

do I know that it's because I Tex moldy

earlier and asked him about it

so as Shane described them the series

leader and his mate or as I know

Ian Vivian John mold I reached out to

mouldy because we went to see mouldy a

few weeks ago and what every single

rider has to do with the kasuba League

is tells with their weight they have to

record their video of their weigh-ins

and he showed me this he showed me a

video of himself getting weighed putting

the scales up down all that jazz

standing on the scales

he showed me so in effect what that

means is is he hasn't sheared he he

hasn't all of a sudden put three kilos

on he's probably put sorry he has put

three kilos on but he's put three kilos

on because well let's take a look at the

the factors that could have put three

kilos on one he's traveled to New York

he's been sat on a plane for six or

seven hours right to jetlag he's out of

his normal routine so jetlag makes you

tired it makes you fatigued it makes you

want to eat all the time and yeah these

are professional guys and they should

know exactly how much they weigh all the

time because they're trying to shave

grams off their bikes off themselves

they're trying to make themselves as

light as possible but they're also just

human so if you're tired and you're

hungry you are gonna eat and like moldy

said he well let's put it this way he

said I'm surprised it was only that

amount that I put on because he'd he'd

act so much during that time in New York

so they're jet-lagged they're probably

eating more food than they would

normally consume at different times of

the day as well so that digestive system

is probably saying right I'm gonna sleep

down a night and they're going hey no

whoa whoa whoa get back here

steak time dude I mean I stay

come on and then he in the desert sand

and probably just probably just relaxing

a little bit and just enjoying the

recovery time because they know that

they've got a race coming up so in that

respect I can easily see how their

weights have changed now the cofidis guy

that's a different story altogether I I

can't comment on that because I don't

know him I know Billy and I know Moldy

and I know that they're legit all right

there's no scandal to be on there

there is no scandal to be had there but

the cover this guy I don't know

listen Cofidis is an old school team

they were founded in like 97 something

like that so they've got old school

mentality French French mentality of how

do we train we go out in the cold we got

in the wet we just train and we grind it

out and we just do all this so eSports

is probably something very very

different to them they well they're

clearly not taking it that seriously

because of what we've seen over the past

few weeks of what they're doing in there

in the kis Super League but it's

obviously great for marketing great for

PR and Swift won them in and they

obviously want to be part of it but they

just don't want to commit that much time

and effort to it potentially but also

they might not know like let's play

devil's advocate they might not know

that there is a an effect on your avatar

when you change your way maybe they just

entered the way without even thinking

about it that it's part of a profile and

he just entered it I don't know who's to

say it wasn't but also the co for this

guy has not been Wade for a month and

again I'm just playing devil's advocate

you could put a lot more than eight

kilos on in a month I've put a lot more

than a kilos on in a month so the last

time he was waiting for a kiss

Superleague was a month ago and

obviously he weighed lighter than he

does now but what's to say that that

let's say three let's say two to three

kilos of that is by it's because of

traveling to New York

right so he's put on five kilos what's

to say he's not been in the gym smashing

it to pieces to build that muscle up to

become heavier that could be a

legitimate argument for it you might

have wanted to put a bit more weight on

so he's a bit weightier when it comes to

the classics and that could be it

it could be as something as simple as

that so before we go throwing these

riders under the bus saying oh my god

the cheating

so listen right Shane is a very

intelligent guy he's he's very

successful on here and he knows his

stuff however I mean just do a little

bit digging just do a little bear

research and don't just take it for face

value that because a rider weighed a

kilos last month - what he weighs now is

he's all of a sudden cheating on a team

but he probably does he probably hasn't

even give it a second thought

so let's I think let's not throw all the

riders under the bus just yet let's look

at the system and what can be done there

because everybody this is not something

new changing your way on Swift and

people using that to their advantage has

been around since day one so let's not

pretend that all of a sudden these

riders are cheating a brand new system

this system should have been changed and

measured somehow especially now Swift

getting into the eSports world they're

wanting to take over eSports they I

wanted to be the the front-runner and

ashame mentioned the the riders are the

pioneers of eSports well technically

Swift by pushing the KISS Super League

by promoting it and and wanting to be a

front-runner in eSports and getting all

this investment for eSports they should

be the ones saying this series is legit

because we can ensure that the riders

height is measured the right I bet no

one measured anybody's high I bet no one

has measured any of those riders in the

kiss Super League high

and I'm not saying the chiyan but

there's a variable right there that you

need to be check-in and you can if

you're doing it with you anyway no one's

checking the height they're checking the

way cuz when the kiss superly right you

supposed to be on the same bike unless

you're sponsored by a bike manufacturer

within the game then you're allowed to

use their bike so that's an unfair

advantage right there if you sponsored

by Trond or concept bikes

if you sponsored by specialized you can

have an advantage there and you're gonna

be given an advantage in a random way by

having a powerup gifted to you during a

race now we're not allowed to take

power-ups into the pen anymore so you

have to just hope to god that you get an

arrow towards the end and if you do the

chances are you're gonna win I'm yet to

see anybody win without an arrow

I don't believe anybody's won without an

arrow just yet in the kiss Super League

but what but anyway my point is if

Swifter wanting to be at the forefront

of this we can't go around blaming

riders for their weight gains and

fluctuations that might be just what it

was a fluctuation in way all right so if

that is the case what are the what are

the pioneers of of eSports doing what as

whiffed do in to address this situation

because like Shane mentioned that the

riders swept under the carpet but was it

the riders or was it swift because if

that rider editor right picture this

we're gonna race a road race this rider

turns up and they pretest him they pre

test this rider a urine sample and they

find out that he's got drugs in his

system are they gonna allow him to ride

no yet we still allow this rider to ride

even though we all think he's doped in

an event because it's good for PR and

good for marketing if he'd had turned up

a kilos lighter somehow I don't know how

he would have fixed it but if it'd have

fixed it what weapons if he he

move the scales slightly off

move the scales and all of a sudden half

of its on a carpet and half of its on a

concrete floor you're gonna get a change

you're gonna get a differentiating

you're gonna get a change in that way so

what does that say so in my opinion

there's a lot to be done to make eSports

legitimate there seems to be a I don't

wanna say argument but there seems to be

a big debate of the minute as to how

legitimate these races are clearly zwip

they're trying to make this a thing

clearly they're trying to showcase not

only the the platform but the the

concept of eSports and to the outside

world it looks fantastic it looks


this this is a whole brand new concept

in a whole new way of riding a bike but

to the people in the know and the people

who have seen people manipulate the

system to their advantage well as we

haven't really done much and I don't I

don't want to call them out but I feel

like I have to because basically it felt

like Shane was was was was offloading

the blame to the riders and the riders

do have a responsibility to be as clean

as possible just like they do in the

World Tour right they have

responsibilities they're responsible

responsibility to stay clean it's their

responsibility to issue the correct way

which they have done all right so if

they have issued the right way and then

they get weighed and and it's slightly

different who's whose fault is that

where does the blame actually live what

needs to be done let's not blame someone

let's let's ask what needs to be done to

make sure it doesn't happen again and

that these results are legitimate day-in

day-out night or day whenever we need a

baseline so everybody knows where they

stand because it could be riders getting

weighed in a morning like moldy there

could be riders getting weighed

right before the start of a race which

could be seven or eight o'clock at night

when you've had a full day of full food

that's not digested there's the

variables are just just huge in a minute


I personally believe it's the it's the

the responsibility of Swift to establish

this protocol to to ensure that if

you're racing on Swift you are racing as

clean and as legitimate as possible

I for one as I know that there is gonna

be more and more money involved in

racing on a sport platform that I will

be willing to invest in a specific race

license or specific set of scales or

whatever it might be that allows me to

race cleanly and to be to know I'm

racing against clean riders as well I'd

be willing to invest some money in

something that would allow me to do that

because I think that's the only way to

go down that's the only route you can go

down but let's be honest right when all

said and done is hide doping and weight

doping really the the biggest place you

can gain an advantage so for me

personally I don't think there is there

is any scandal when it comes to the KISS

Super League and the the riders are

responsible for their own way yes but if

they're doing is they're told and

they're weighing in when they're

supposed to be weighing in there's no

issue there's no issue that's it's as

simple as that there's no issue a rider

has been proven his way all through the

whole seven rounds of the kiss Super

League and oh all of a sudden he has to

race in another country on a different

time zone get weighed at a different

time all of a sudden is a different way

yeah that's that's perfectly reasonable

and he's got proof to back up exactly

how much he's way before you can

guarantee prompt maybe not this week but

the following next week he will be back

to the original way I can guarantee

he'll be back to his original way if

he's racing from home I personally think

there's a bigger disparity in in

people's setups in people's trainer

setups smart train has not been

calibrated properly

different trainers being used that we

know have what it percentages that are

out by by a lot enough to make a

difference enough to make it feel like

you've got a constant arrow power upon

all the time do you think we should

delve into that next