Best Hands Free Fuel Filling Hack

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the reason why I'm sure you this

technique is because I haven't done it

for ages but I was I was looking on the

internet the other day and I saw

somebody saying oh this is what you do

so that you can be hands-free filling

and they were used in the petrol filler

cap they were using the orderin cans

they were using a chapstick or a credit

card this this knocks off when it's gone

all the girls you run the risk of if not

knocking off so this is what you use now

that's a that's a pop rivet I'll put the

size on to the on to the on to the

comments at the bottom but if you have a

look at that it's the perfect size and

what I mean by those that you don't want

to be any less than an inch probably

about a inch and a half something like


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