10 Genius Hacks To Save Time In The Kitchen | Sorted Food

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so today's video is all about how you

can hack your way to cooking quicker and

better and not end up with your hand in

a bowl of water and ice so mike has just

cooked for us a lovely chicken biryani

as fast as you can which was at a very

reasonable pace yeah 15 minutes

5505 minutes and now it's up to Ben to

show us a few chevy hacks to speed

things up the point is that is delicious

oh yeah I just reckon I can do it half

the time

and here's how okay straight off one

thing I want to make clear I have a huge

advantage I wrote the recipe I've

already cooked biryani before but I'm

gonna show you some things that I would

do at home to speed up the process and

shave time off number one read the

entire recipe from the start and group

together tasks that can be overlapped if

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