Grow Your Neck 2 Inches in 2 Minutes

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oh hey what's up guys this is Brad let's

play fitness and I got a video that I

think a lot of folks in the army are

gonna like hopefully this will be out

the trick that'll be able to you and

we're talking about increasing your neck

thickness in five minutes or less check

it out okay cool so we're talking about

more time trying to increase your your

neck thickness and you're gonna use this

in preparation for basically heightened

weight so if you're an individual that

needs to be taped this could be

beneficial for you as a male definitely

beneficial I've been doing this for a

number of years and in fact it was my

buddy Flores here at at school that gave

him the idea to make a video out of this

he saw me doing this sure there was some

friends and they liked it and it just

dawned on me that hey this could be

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