Wood Burning Tips For The Best Shou Sugi Ban Inspired Finish / DIY Charred Wood

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what's going on everybody

nice beautiful morning outside coffee

its first thing in the morning well for

me so it's a good time to talk about

lighting stuff on fire whatever do I

mean well we're going to take pieces of

wood we're gonna light them on fire

we're gonna make them look like this

it's gonna be awesome I'm hoping to make

this video a little shorter than the

last video the last video I talked about

wood selection I talked a little bit

about the species you want to look for

when you're doing this show Sookie bon

inspired burn and brush technique that I

use this is going to be three or four or

maybe five videos that's gonna talk

about the whole process that I go

through and it's gonna be in detail if

you want to see some of my work go check

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