How to Carve a Prime Rib Roast

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- In the Test Kitchen we've done prime rib every way

you can imagine.

We've done a traditional with just salt and pepper,

we've done it in the Big Green Egg outside, a reverse sear.

We've done it sous vide, we've done it with robust rub

on the outside like this one,

but we need to spend more time focused on how to slice

a prime rib, here we go.

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So with a prime rib, coming out of the oven,

we're gonna show you exactly how to slice it.

We're gonna take the back ribs off of the bone attached

rib roast and we're gonna show you how to slice

the roast itself.

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Now that it's had time to rest we're gonna pull

the bones off, that would be the back ribs right here.

So a standing rib roast, bone attached right here.

We're gonna pull those bones off and it's really

just about putting your knife,

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