How to Change Small letter to Capital letter in MS Excel (Upper Case/Lower Case)

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hey guys welcome back again this MJ and

here I'm going to show you how to change

the word or sentence into capital or

small and the proper case in Microsoft

Excel so here I have some text and I

want to change the text into the

capitalization or uppercase so you have

to enter a column here so into a column

and now just type is equal to and type

Papa I open the bracket and select this

by moving you using the arrow key and

after you select just close the bracket

and press ENTER that's it and you can

see here the find something is converted

into the capital and I have to all apply

the all this thing to other my columns

and rows text so just double click on

here you can see here okay double click

you will it will select it to all your

entire column and columns to convert the

capitalization and after this just copy

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