How to Convert a Column to All Caps in Excel

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unlike Microsoft Word there's no button

that's going to change all the case from

upper to lower so we're going to run a

formula and first we'll go ahead and

click the cell that we want to start the

formula in in this case it's B 1 and

then we will type equals upper open

parenthesis then we'll select the cell

right next to us click it and then press

Enter now we can see it's made the

conversion now let's click that so again

then we'll see in the bottom right

there's a little rectangle a little

square there and if we double click on

that that's the fill handle it'll

automatically fill in the formula all

the way down now let's press ctrl C to

copy all of that and then we'll

right-click on a one and go to paste

special click on that then we'll click

on values that means it's going to just

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