Microsoft word shortcut keys : How to make typed text matter in capital

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on these MJ and welcome back again to my

original and today I'll show you how to

make your typed text letters in capital

without using your malls I'll show in

simple key and easy key to how to make

the capital for example I have this

matter I have typed this matter so if I

need to make the capital of this first

four three wars so simply select this

matter how much you want to make capital

like did okay and just press shift F

three it will become the first word

capital and then click work place once

again it will come the entire your word

capital and if you want to back the

normal just click shift after you it

will become the normal so for first

world capital or for whole entire word

capital and for small would just shift

f3 for all the things like that look at

that I am pressing all the things so

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