How to Buy Treasury Bills For Beginners 2023 (Easy 5% APY)

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in this video I'll show you exactly how

to buy treasury bills step by step by

the end of this video you'll note

everything you need to know about

t-bills as well as the high interest

rates that you guys can get on your

money and yeah with inflation these days

you do not want to have your money in a

normal checkings account rather put your

money to work and yeah right now T bills

are a great investment because they're

paying out very high interest rates so

we'll be covering a lot of different

things in this video if you want you

guys can pause the video on this slide

and see exactly what we're going to

cover yeah let's get started okay so

first what's our treasury bills treasury

bills also known as t-bills are

short-term debt Securities these are

issued and backed by the federal

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