let's talk about buying and selling Ram

on EOS Ram trading on EOS I'm over here

on a OS flared i/o this is an EOS block

Explorer a blockchain Explorer you could

check out top voters top name bids you

can check on your account using your

public key and you can check out current

transactions and more guys let's click

on one of these accounts for this

example you can see that iOS accounts

are made of CPU bandwidth and memory now

it's in order to increase your CPU and

bandwidth power on your EOS account you

need to stake more EOS the more EOS you

stake the more you can increase your CPU

and bandwidth power on your EOS account

now in order to increase your ram memory

you need to buy that ram directly from

the EOS blockchain if you head over to

EOS dot fee explored IO this is a

website that tracks the current iOS RAM

price the current price for a OS Ram is

point 29er per kilobyte of ram this is a

30-day chart for the EOS Ram price that

we're looking at and you could see that

the price is fairly low now in order to

buy and sell the EOS Ram you can go to

iOS toolkit I owe this is a website

built by generous EOS I'm sorry if I'm

mispronouncing that I know their block

producer candidates that I voted for

anyhow if you go to this website I have

it linked down below you could buy and

sell Ram you click under manage account

by Ram and you can buy Ram at the

current price now in order to use this

website you do need to login using

scatter scatter is a Chrome extension

that allows you to log into gos web

sites like iOS toolkit and that Chrome

extension secures and your private and

public iOS keys ok I'll have it linked

down below if you guys want to check it


ok anyhow this is the website to do with

that guys I also want you to check out

iOS hub this is a website status - iOS

die oh I'll have it linked down below

for most of the links to all the

websites to have to do with EOS ok most

of the websites excuse me most of the

websites that have to do

EOS are linked here this is a basically

an aggregate of the majority of the EOS

websites you could check out yo s Park

this is another blockchain Explorer for

iOS which shows you the current price

the current RAM exchange price as well

and there's a little calculator here and

you could also check out the current

block producer this gives you a block

producer list you can see the top twenty

one block producers are those that

secure the blockchain and earn rewards

ok this changes in real-time and if you

like you could also check out a video I

have that shows you how to vote for

block producers as well okay guys so to

recap you can check the EOS price the

ramp price over here on US dot fee

explored IO and check out the charts you

can also check it out on iOS resource

planner this is a website built by EOS

New York that shows also the current

network price and current CPU price what

I don't like about this website is that

it doesn't have a graph it doesn't have

a chart so I rather check out the EOS

Ram price over here but I'll have it

linked down below anyhow and in order to

buy the RAM again you can go to us

toolkit Daioh I'll have it linked down

below and click on your manage account

and you can easily buy and so ram using

the scatter extension ok and then the

price is fixed and it's whatever is that

the price is in real time so that

changes somehow the price is calculated

by the blockchain itself if I'm not a

mistaken so there is no actual auction

or anything that goes on it's just

there's a certain set amount of overall

ram per day and you can see that amount

up here and that price that according to

the demand fluctuates so let's see how

this may change because there were some

complaints when the brand price was

higher about the RAM price and Dan

Larimer he did come out and message in

the forums and suggests that the EOS Ram

price be redistributed or the REO SRAM

revenue be redistributed to the token

holders that are staking AOS Dan Larimer

being the head developer for block 1

that is putting out the eos blockchain

so that's what he suggested in one of

the forms ok I think that's a pretty

good idea redistributing the Rev

you earned from the EU sram2 all those

that are staking EOS okay it's a good

idea in order to implement that that

would have to be some voting we know

that e OS has a governance system has a

constitution and there will be some

steps so it's interesting to see how

this may play out again guys check it

out I'll have everything linked down

below and drop a comment give us your

opinion what do you think have you

traded EOS before have you not are you

looking into it what do you think about

Dan Larimer suggestion about

redistributing the RAM revenue to all

the EOS stakeholders java comment below

it's the voice of the blockchain here

Satoshi's big cousin cryptography finest

champagne crypto thanks for tuning in