How to buy more RAM on EOS

hello everyone and welcome to this video

about buying RAM on eels if you have

been using eels in the past you may be

familiar with a little error message

that you get when you try to set a

contract and you get the error message

your account has insufficient RAM it

needs 82,000 bars has 51,000 bytes and

this of course when you try to deploy to

either the test net or the maintenance

and this is due to a feature in the in

the POS blockchain where you have to

purchase Ram in order to use for her in

order for your smart contract to use it

so you don't have unlimited amounts of

RAM and you don't pay per transaction as

you do in etherium so instead you

purchase Ram for market price and this

is a bit different from how eels

allocate CPU and the network resources

since those are distributed according to

how much a OS you have staked in the

network but with Ram it's different you

buy them at market price instead of this

sharing module model and in this video I

thought I would show you how you can in

an easy way

buy more RAM to the to your test net

accounts or to your main it accounts it

is the same process you'll need the

scatter but I have showed you how to

installed scatter in a previous video so

you should be all good to go but make

sure you have that installed in Chrome

or whatever browser you are using and

then we're gonna go to EOS toolkit dial

and here you wanna change network so

that you are connected to the jungle

test net hit select and then you'll get

a scatter window here where you'll

select your identity so you have

imported the keys that you need for the

jungle net because you must have an

account and key keeper already and you

must have imported them into scatter

select identity and hit accept and

then we get the information here about

our account so you can see I have 9999

heels tokens

I have 51,000 by its own of RAM I have

100,000 Rodrigo state for my CPU

bandwidth and 100 for the net bandwidth

in order to buy more RAM you go under

manage account so you click on manage

accounts and then you click on buy Ram

here enter the receipt of the RAM so in

my case it's Phillip because that's the

name of my account as you can see here

and you can either purchase specify you

want to purchase in EOS or how much is

you want to spend or how many bytes you

want to buy and let's see how much did I

need so I let's say I need 50,000

additional bytes of memory in order to

the police contract so 50,000 and then

it purchase you will get another window

from scatter where you can sign this

transaction so hit accept you can just

check so everything is correct here but

hit accept and let me see success and

all of a sudden I no longer have these

50,000 bites I have a hundred and one

thousand bytes in my account that means

that I should now be able to deploy this

contract to my account so set contract I

have a contract for hello storage and

then I set it to my account Philip to

the jungle net and there we go no longer

did we have this problem with

insufficient RAM instead we were able to

publish this contract and that was all I

wanted to show you for this video if you

instead want to do this on the minute it

is the exact same procedure just that

you have to change the network to the

may net and you'll have to have those

keys and identities in your scatter and

have enough euros tokens so that you can

buy more ram that is all you need to do

so I hope that you've learned something

from this video and good luck with all

of your Els development please leave a

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comment saying what you want me to talk

about in the next video I appreciate all

of your feedback

take care guys and I'll see you in the

next video