Kraken Exchange: How to Deposit & Withdraw Funds on Kraken | UPDATED 2021!


yo what's up everybody

in this video i will be walking you

through how to deposit funds and


fiat on the kraken exchange

cryptocurrency exchanges

are confusing at first but we will go

through together how to fund your

account with both

fiat and cryptocurrency and how to

withdraw funds to your account step by

step so

let's check it out before we jump into

depositing and withdrawing money on

kraken i want to spend just a few

seconds talking about

what is kraken and why you should use it

kraken is not just a

legendary sea monster but kraken is also


legendary cryptocurrency exchange you

can buy sell trade and learn about

various cryptos on their exchange

they allow you to deposit and withdraw

funds with multiple methods which i'll

show you in just a minute and just a

little history on kraken and

and why i like it so the platform was

founded in 2011 and is one of the oldest

and most reliable cryptocurrency

exchanges in the world

kraken is you know really focused on

security and superb

customer support you simply will not

find another exchange that is more


and offers better support for their

customers than kraken you can make

big money on kraken they offer leverage

meaning that you can trade with more

money than you have deposited

you can also short crypto currencies as

well which is a little more risky but

offers more reward if you're if you're


so there are a lot of really great

things that i love about kraken and i'm


avid user of the kraken exchange myself

if you're watching this video and you're

new to kraken

and you're as excited as i am about

kraken but don't already have an account

set up

it's extremely simple to go ahead and

get started with one

all you need to do is click the link in

the video description below

to create an account and just follow the

instructions to get you all set up

full disclaimer using the link in the

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if you're looking for a quick guide on

how to register

and walk you through that process step

by step check out my video above

on how to create an account on cropping

all right so with that out of the way

we are now logged into kraken we have an

account set up

and you can see right away that i

already have some bitcoin

and us dollar in my account yours will

probably be showing

a zero balance if you if you just got

started so

how do you deposit funds into your

account well it's very easy all you need

to do is click the funding tab

at the top of your screen all right and

so this is the funding tab

you can see your total balance i have

two assets bitcoin and

us dollar you can see your limits i'm

limited to

a 100 000 deposit per day

as well as a 500 000 deposit per month

likewise with withdrawals i don't think

i'll ever hit those limits but it's nice

to have

a high limit as opposed to a small limit

one other quick note on this is you will

need to verify your account and provide


with some information to increase your

funding limits

and likewise for crypto i have an

unlimited daily deposit and monthly

deposit which

which is pretty wild so let's click back

to fiat and you can see here

account balances there's two categories

fiat currencies

as well as crypto assets i am located in

the united states and so

i would want to fund my account with the

us dollar

fiat currency and how do you do that

just click on your respective

uh fiat currency and click deposit and

now we are ready to deposit our fiat

currency or our us dollar

and there's a couple of different

deposit methods if you click this drop

down here

and really all this is saying you know

is there's a couple of different ways to

fund your account

and the most common way is with a bank

wire you can do an mbb bank wire

or a signature bank wire i'm going to go

ahead and click mvb bank wire

and you will want to read through this

information but really what we want here

is the account name the address as well

as the routing number and account number

information and i know online banking is

pretty popular now you can all do this

just on your bank app on your phone

and just submit a wire make sure you're

sending it to the correct

you know information here you may want

to send a small amount at first

as opposed to like a million dollars all

at once just to see that you know the

information you're entering is correct

if you don't have online banking then

you may have to

physically walk into a branch of a bank

which is probably less than ideal

i know i wouldn't want to do that so i

would first see if you have

the ability to submit a bank wire via

your online banking

and then as a backup you can you know

walk into your branch and

you know to speak to the teller and tell

them what you're trying to do and make

sure you bring this information with you

if you don't like the idea of

submitting a bank wire unfortunately

kraken you can't just

enter your uh your debit card so

i'm kind of unfortunate there i don't

know why that's the case the good news

is that you don't have to you know go

through a bank wire to fund your account

you can fund your account with crypto so

let's go back to the

funding page and this is actually how i

deposited funds onto kraken i just sent

some bitcoin to my wallet on kraken

and so how do you do that you go to your

account balances here

and just look for crypto assets and

click deposit i want to submit uh

i want to deposit bitcoin so i'm going

to you know select bitcoin and click


and so this is fairly simple all you

need to do is select this deposit


and kraken offers you the ability to

click the select button there to make

sure you have

every character highlighted and then you

just copy that and then

on your other exchange or your other

wallet that you're trying to

send crypto to your kraken exchange you

would just

access that wallet that you have you

know out of outside of kraken

and submit this deposit address into

that withdrawal address

and then again i would recommend maybe

sending a small amount of bitcoin at


as opposed to the the whole enchilada so

you know just to make sure that you're

sending it to the right bitcoin address

and then

the bitcoin network will take about 10

minutes you know sometimes it's a little

bit longer

to confirm your transaction and then how

do you check to see

if you have successfully deposited funds

onto kraken

just go back to the kraken home page and

boom you can see

that you have successfully deposited

funds off to kraken now that we know how

to deposit funds onto kraken

you may be thinking how do you withdraw

funds so

it's very simple let's just go back to

that funding tab at the top of the


and again you know we have fiat

currencies and we also have

our crypto assets like bitcoin i want to


us dollar into my bank account so what

i'm going to do instead of clicking

deposit i'm just going to click withdraw

and again so kraken will be funding your

withdrawing your funds

via a bank wire so i'm just going to

click mvp bank wire

and then what you would do here is just

enter your bank account details you know

what you want to call your bank account

um you know what your bank is

you know actually called as well as your

routing number and account number and

again all you can find all this

on your online banking or if you don't

have online banking then you can walk

into your branch as well

and then you just enter the amount of

cryptocurrency that you would like to


and that's it you just click review

withdrawal and then make sure that the

information is all correct

and click submit so what if you want to


your not your fiat yacht but your

cryptocurrency let's go back to the

funding page and you would just find the

crypto asset that you would like to


in this case i want to withdraw bitcoin

and so i click withdrawal

and then what i want to do here is find

the actual

bitcoin address i would like to withdraw

too so like i mentioned earlier

you may have another wallet on another

exchange outside of kraken

or another hosted wallet you know that

may not be on an exchange and you just

want to send that bitcoin

to that address you would find the

deposit address on that other wallet

and enter that here it would be the

withdrawal address on the kraken


and then you can save it as well for

future reference and then once you

make sure that you're sending your

crypto to the correct wallet address

you will just want to review the

withdrawal make sure all the details

look good and click

submit so now you know how to deposit

and withdraw funds

to and from kraken if you are looking

for a guide on kraken

and how to use all of its different

features and functionality

check out the video at the top of your

screen for a krocken tutorial i hope you

found this video

useful and i'd love to hear your

thoughts and experiences with the kraken


i'm extremely active in my comments and

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