Muscle Building Tips for Women – BULKING 101!

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what's going on guys welcome back to the

channel i'm so happy that you stopped by

for those who are new here my name is

katie corrio i am a fitness professional

i'm an online coach and i love to help

you reach your goals if you're

interested in one-on-one coaching with

me please go to choreofit.com

it's less than one dollar a day and i

give you everything you need 100

customized i'd love to have you and

welcome to the video today's video i'm

going to talk about how you can mentally

prepare for a bowl a lot of you guys ask

me like when do i know when i should

bulk should i bulk is bulking gonna make

me fat forever what's the use so for

those of you who don't know what a bulk

is a bulk is when you decide for a

period of time that you choose for the

next four months i'm gonna bulk so i'm

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