How To Bulk Up Fast As A Skinny Guy | My Complete Guide

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hi i'm joe as many of you know my whole

life i've always been skinny like really

skinny and over the last several years

i've tried literally everything to try

and get bigger every diet plan every

workout plan some stuff worked and some

really didn't but now i'm here

not the biggest guy in the world but 30

kilos heavier than the guy on the left

you see i know first hand how hard it is

to walk up as a skinny guy so in this

video i want to share with you

everything that worked for me this is my

ultimate guide for skinny guys trying to

bulk up

okay so this video is going to be split

up into three parts diet training and

other let's start with the most

important diet we're skinny guys we

obviously need to gain weight in order

for us to do that we need to be in a

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