Tips for Increasing BREASTMILK SUPPLY | How to POWER PUMP | Foods to Produce More Milk | Birth Doula

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hey mama is one of the biggest worries

that women face when they're

breastfeeding is the question am I

making enough milk for my baby

and while the answer to that question is

most the time yes sometimes there are

challenges in producing enough milk so

in this video I'm going to be sharing

with you tips on how to increase your

milk supply if you've been to my channel

before I'm so glad that you're back for

some more videos but if you're new don't

forget to subscribe to my channel and

hit the little bell so you don't miss

any of my future videos I'm Bridget and

I'm a doula in the San Francisco Bay

Area and I love helping moms love their

birth so being a breastfeeding mom

myself and also working with lots of

different breastfeeding moms I know that

there's a big worry of whether or not

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