WELL DRILLING 101 | Every Step Explained

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I know it's really cool it's 325 oh


sorry I was just telling a friend here

blah blah blah this is so dumb

okay so let me just start by explaining

what's in the ground that we're gonna be

dealing with while drilling the well so

we have bedrock that's deep down that's

where we ultimately want to get to but

on top of that is a certain amount of

what you call overburden overburden is

clay and sand and and gravel and

boulders and water that's sitting on top

of the bedrock now in some areas you'll

see bedrock outcropping right on the

surface and there is no overburden at

all where you see that in other areas

there'll be hundreds of feet of

overburden it really depends on

geological processes that I really

couldn't tell you much about so you got

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