Tuberculin Skin Test

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Okay, so now that we've cleansed our hands,

you want to take your 0.1 mils of tuberculin solution

in your needle, set it aside for now.

You need to landmark your location.

So for land marking the location you want to take

take the inner aspect of the forearm

You want to go 5 to 10 centimetres below the elbow

and that's the location where you'll inject the solution.

So the first step is to cleanse the area

that we've now landmarked.

Allow that solution to dry for just a moment

and now you want to take your needle

you want to uncap it with the bevel up

you want to approach the skin at a 5 to 15 degree angle

and slowly inject the solution

and slowly inject the solution

and you should see a bleb forming

Once the solution is injected slowly remove the

needle and safely dispose of your sharp

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