How to Set Up a Trust Fund in 2023 [Step-by-Step]

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why did the young boy have trust issues growing  up because his father didn't leave him one  

what okay let's talk about it how to set up  a trust fund is something that is actually  

very easy and frankly something that i think  everyone should be doing but there are some key  

things that you need to make sure you include so  that you cover as many bases as you possibly can  

when you're setting up a trust fund  so in this video i'm going to give you  

everything that i think you need to know when  it comes to establishing a trust fund stay tuned

all right so let's get started by answering the  question why should you start a trust fund so as  

the great benjamin franklin once said the only  things that are certain in life are death and  

taxes and i know i know right like death can be  a sour subject to talk about but it's necessary  

today to really bring home the message of why and  how to establish a trust fund because some people  

think that only rich people and wealthy people are  the ones that need to set up a trust fund and it's  

not something they think they need to worry about  but listen i don't care whether or not you have a  

million dollars or ten thousand dollars okay when  you die you can't take it with you and someone's  

actually going to want your money or your assets  when you pass away so you want to leave this world  

as organized and as clean as possible because  if you don't then you are risking your family  

and your friends fighting over you and your  assets especially during an intense time where  

they are already grieving or they should be  celebrating your life so i don't know about you  

but i would like to be the reason that my family  and my friends become closer together instead of  

them moving further apart especially in a time  period of my death okay so number two what is  

a trust fund so you probably guessed it by now but  a trust fund is basically a document that decides  

what happens to your assets and your personal  property after you pass away so what i want  

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