Schizophrenia: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Hope

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I tried to explain the concept to them

but they just wouldn't understand me

I was so frustrated that I stopped going

to class I was in college and was afraid

I wouldn't do well I went through a lot

of jobs but couldn't keep them I never

really knew why I got so confused when I

was hearing things other people didn't

hear I needed help to figure out what

was happening I never really moved out

of my parents house but I wasn't around

much eventually I was living outside

I didn't mind too much except I got

arrested for trespassing my family stuck

by me though these are the voices of

people with schizophrenia a serious

mental health condition that often

develops in early adulthood through the

mid 30s while schizophrenia can be a

lifelong severe mental illness the

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