Construct a Rectangle (not a Square)

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hi this is mr. Erlin continuing in our

effort to construct appropriate parallel

and intersecting line elements we're

going to build 50 for constructing a

rectangle that's not a square so to

begin with we did one segment that is

free and I'm going to pick it doesn't

really matter where but I am going to

produce a line that is perpendicular to

this segment which will give us one of

our right angles I'm going to choose

some length here and I can choose any

other link here I'm choosing this spot

but it doesn't matter all it does is it

produces the perpendicular there is a

nature of my sector going on here but

because I'm not concerned with that at

this point I'm simply choosing something

that gets me a perpendicular line

segment so that will be perpendicular

here and that gets me the beginning of

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