How do feeding tubes work?

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Hi, my name is Katelynn Maniatis, and I'm a registered dietitian here

at Sunnybrook. Over the next few minutes, we will be discussing

methods of insertion, benefits, care

and feeding of gastrostomy or G tubes.

The gastrostomy or G tube is a feeding tube

that goes through the skin and abdominal wall and allows

liquid nutrition and medications to be

administered directly into the stomach.

G tubes provide a route to deliver nutrition and medication to those who

are having difficulty swallowing

or cannot take enough food by mouth. G tubes help prevent weight loss,

maintain nutritional status and

minimize risk of aspiration. Individuals with cancer,

ALS or those who have had a stroke or trauma

often required G tubes.

Oral intake is encouraged even after G tube insertion.

G tubes can provide liquid nutrition formulas

as either a sole source of nutrition or

to supplement oral intake.

G tubes may be placed by gastroenterology

or interventional radiology. Gastroenterology will insert a

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