3 Steps to Become a Better Communicator

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how'd you become better communicating now if you have asked me that question

eight years ago I would have said listen you're talking to the wrong person right

guys and I've got a telephone interview in about 15 minutes now and I'm going to a

live coverage of it and this is a quick run-through of what I'm gonna say on

the telephone interview how do you see I'm like shy socially anxious you should

probably go speak to that guy not me but today this is a question that I get

asked from so many of you every single day you guys ask me some how to get from

somebody who is pretty shy for somebody who's a speaker that career go in the

middle she eats food on webcam makes 9K a month people like to learn how to do that

no money you just need a better strategy and this is a strategy that

works this a strategy that works literally can speak on a stage to hundreds

of people and you guys know in April I've been offered an opportunity to

speak all over Asia basically just sharing the stage with incredibly

successful people sharing my message to the masses and you know when it comes to

networking parties I can foster that positive you know network the most

empowering network with the world's most successful people because I'm able to

effectively communicate with other people and so today I want to really

explain to you the three ways that I basically figured this out because over

the last eight years I've dedicated myself to self-improvement

self-development I really found that these three things

will give you the massive leverage that you need to get more results in your

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