Enema: Step By Step Tutorial + FAQ'S

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hi everyone today I'm going to be

showing you a step by step process on

exactly how to do an enema at home

animals have got to be one of my

all-time favorite practices for staying

healthy and vibrant this is going to be

a bit of a long video because I am going

to get into the Nitty Gritty of

everything but I have left some time

stamps in the description below so feel

free to head on down and skip forward to

the parts of the video that you're most

interested in

so put simply an enema is a method which

introduces water into the rectum via a

pipe and this works to soften hard waste

and flush it out of the colon it is one

of the quickest ways to clean up the

colon and induce natural bowel movements

enemas are definitely not a new fad it

actually wasn't that long ago that they

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