Basic Clinical Skills: Urinary Catheterisation (male)

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hello so today we're going to be doing

male catheterization

so I've pre prepared my sterile fields

we've got everything that we need to

talk through everything in more detail

as we go along and in terms of patient

position ask the patient to lie on their

backs and expose themselves and you can

also ask the patient to retract their

own foreskin if they're able to do so so

the first thing I'm going to do is wash

my hands with alcohol gel to start with

and then I'm going to put on my first

pair of sterile gloves

okay so we're going to use a piece of

gauze to acts like a sling around the

penis to hold it up and then with my

other hands we're going to use cotton

wool balls dipped in to normal say line

to clean in circular motions starting

around the urethra and then discarding

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