Boxing Tips : How Is a Boxer's Reach Measured?

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in this clip I'll show you how boxes

Reach is measured ok measuring a

fighters reach there's two ways of

measuring reach okay it's like I'm

stretched out fingertip to fingertip is

that a measure reach there's the second

way is from shoulder to fingertip this

way traditionally the old way used to be

from fingertip to fingertip that was

additional way of of measuring of

Fighters reach reach is important for

one thing is this gives you an advantage

obviously if you're a 78 rich and I'm a

74 inch which have a 4-inch advantage of

you so if I'm a boxer then my reach is

my main goal my target is my jab okay I

mean my always have advantage on you

because I my reach is much longer I hit

my target a lot sooner

on the contrary if you're a short guy a

fighter who moves in and out and dug

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